Hearing Healthcare Centre In The News!

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Newmarket Arrival The news of Hearing Healthcare Centre’s Newmarket opening has spread far and wide, bringing in many guests to our Grand Opening event on Wednesday 11th April, which was a thriving success! Many new faces attended, as well as loyal clients from our other branches, who all enjoyed a glass of Prosecco, a slice… Read more »

Deaf Awareness Week!

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Time To Speak Up. Today marks the start of National Deaf Awareness Week, and at Hearing Healthcare Centre we want to help by giving our followers an insight into deafness and hearing loss. Keep an eye on our social media platforms for interesting videos and links to articles that better explain some of the facets… Read more »

The End of Cotton Wool Buds?

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Cotton Buds Face the Axe Nationwide Ban The UK Government has hinted at plans to impose a nationwide ban on certain plastics. The news comes from the houses of parliament, as the prime minister, Theresa May, stated that plastic waste was “one of the greatest environmental challenges facing the world”. It is estimated that 8.5… Read more »

Newmarket Grand Opening!

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    Spread The Word! After the success of our Cambridge and Saffron Walden branches, the friendly, trusted professionals at Hearing Healthcare Centre are proud to announce the Grand Opening of our newest branch in the lovely town of Newmarket! The Grand Opening event on Wednesday 11th April 2018, is set to start at 11… Read more »

Roosters And Their Hearing

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How Is It Possible? Morning Wake Up We have all, at some point, experienced the ear piercingly loud wake-up call of a rooster in a neighbouring field. Roosters crowing is exceptionally loud, considering the proximity of the rooster from the typical bedroom. It’s a wonder how roosters don’t suffer from damage to their hearing. So,… Read more »

Winter Sniffles, What Can You Do?

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Could Bath Bombs Be The Answer? Winter Sniffles This time of year is the worst for flu and colds, sleepless nights, headaches and blocked noses. To help relieve the symptoms that make you feel blocked, there is a cheap and simple remedy to help beat congestion.  Why Do We Suffer From Congestion? The Eustachian tubes… Read more »

A Festive Hearing Loss Simulation!

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A Little From Our Audiologists… You can’t recreate hearing loss simply by plugging your ears. A person with normal hearing can hear quiet, medium and loud sounds that vary from low pitch to high pitch with amazing clarity and definition. When you have hearing loss, you often lose higher pitched sounds, like the sound of… Read more »

Rechargeable Hearing Aids – Hear At Last!

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Long over due for the hearing aid world, rechargeable hearing aids are now with us. Rechargeable Hearing Aids! New Development – Rechargeable Technology Hearing aid development comes at such a rapid rate, and is often difficult to keep up with. One such development, which was long-overdue, was the incorporation of rechargeable technology into hearing aids…. Read more »