5 star Hearig Health ServicesHearing Healthcare Centre is an independent, family-run, hearing care provider with over 50 years of audiological experience. We have always delivered the highest quality of service and care to all of our clients, and are respected and trusted members of the community.

Hearing Healthcare Centre is a member of a number of Professional Associations which all demand very high standards of care and ethics from their members.

As a founding member of AIHHP, and a Centre of Excellence, Hearing Healthcare Centre was among the first audiology centres in the UK to offer ‘Real Ear Testing’, ‘Video Otoscopy’ and ‘In-House Ear Mould’ manufacturing.

Our directors understand the importance of staying at the forefront of audiological advancements, in both the products that we prescribe, as well as the testing facilities that we use. We only use the most advanced and respected techniques available.

Hearing Healthcare Centre have very good, working relationships with all of the hearing aid manufacturers, and are in constant communication regarding the latest technology, feedback or constructive suggestions to help them improve their products for both end users, as well as dispensers. Our audiologists use their wealth of knowledge and expertise to accurately and professionally assess, analyse and prescribe the most suitable treatment options for our clients.

Unlike Many Multi-National Companies, who sign contracts and have to meet manufacturer targets, Hearing Healthcare Centre have no sales obligations. Our recommendations are based purely on the audiological needs and requirements of our clients. This guarantees our true independence.

All of our staff members are audiologically trained to perform hearing assessments, otoscopic examinations, impression taking, wax removal and basic hearing aid repairs. There is always someone on hand to help our clients.

Your hearing is our priority, and we’re delighted that more than 90% of our clients come to us through Word of Mouth Recommendations.

With a Which? Survey score of 5 stars, our clients are guaranteed to receive excellent, independent, professional service from any of our Hearing Healthcare Centre branches.

We currently have three branches; our Head Office in Cambridge, and two satellite centres – one in Newmarket, and the other in Saffron Walden. All of our centres are fully equipped with the latest diagnostic hearing technology, as well as the most up-to-date Ear Wax Removal equipment.

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