At Hearing Healthcare Centre we are proud to be a fully independent practice with access to all the major hearing aid brands. It is our independence that makes us unique in our ability to give honest and informed analysis of the latest hearing technologies. Our experienced expert audiologists have tried and tested the latest hearing aids, below is an honest breakdown and review of the hearing aids available at Hearing Healthcare Centre. Our reviews are conducted by our experienced team of audiologists, with subsequent hearing aid reviews made and influenced by real clients using the hearing aids.

Our Expert Panel

Hearing Aid Reviews Panel - Chris Carr, RHAD, FSHAA Hearing Aid Reviews Panel - Daniel Bainbridge, BSc, RHAD
Chris Carr, RHAD, FSHAA Daniel Bainbridge, BSc, RHAD


Chris has over 35 years of experience in audiology, and has hands-on knowledge of all the major hearing aid manufacturers, past and present. As an existing hearing aid wearer, Chris is able to lend useful insights, and offer subjective opinions.
Daniel has extensive experience of working with all the major hearing aid manufacturers, through both his NHS and private sector employment. With over 8 years in audiology, and previous hearing aid experience, Daniel can provide useful points of view in his hearing aid critiques.


Our Hearing Aid Reviews

Published Date: 14/04/2021

Oticon More™ miniRITE R Review

Oticon More

Published Date: 31/03/2021

Unitron Moxi Move R Review

Published Date: 25/03/2021

Bernafon Alpha miniRITE Review

Published Date: 01/02/2017

Unitron Stride Review


Hearing Aid Reviews: Union Stride

Published Date: 30/01/2017

Advanced Bionics AquaKit Review

Hearing Aid Reviews: AB Aquakit


Published Date: 16/01/2017

Signia Pure Primax Review

Hearing Aid Reviews: Signia Pure Primax PX

Published Date: 10/01/2017

Signia Cellion Primax

Hearing Aid Reviews: Signia Cellion Primax

Published Date: 22/12/2016

Oticon OPN Review

Published Date: 12/08/2016

GN Resound Linx2 Review

Hearing Aid Reviews: gnr-linx2

Published Date: 02/04/2016

GN Resound Enzo2 Review

Hearing Aid Reviews: gnr Enzo

Published Date:

Unitron Moxi Now

Hearing Aid Reviews: unitron moxi