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We are very happy to announce that, after a very difficult few months, we are now OPEN and taking appointments again in our Cambridge branch. We are booking appointments for the week beginning 1st June 2020.

Let me start by thanking you for supporting us during this very difficult time. As a family-owned, micro-business, we really appreciate your continued support.

How Things Have Changed

As you would expect, we have taken a huge number of measures to ensure the health and safety of our staff and clients during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Please contact us on 01223 360700 if you’d like to arrange an appointment, or find out more about our safe-guards.

When you contact us to make an appointment, our reception staff will perform triage in order to assess if the appointment can be conducted by telephone, video call or by sending you illustrated documentation. This is all in an effort to minimise unnecessary face-to-face contact.

Should an appointment in-clinic be necessary, we ask all clients to have completed our online documentation that we have sent, and to avoid public transport on their journey to us. All appointment fees will now be charged in advance, and paid for over the phone. In addition, all face-to-face appointments will now carry a £2 surcharge to cover the increased cost of client PPE.

Precautionary Measures

On arrival at our clinic, all clients must wait in their car or in our dedicated outdoor waiting sheltered area until they are called into clinic. Being on-time for your appointment is very important, so please ensure good time-keeping. Try not to be early, or late. All appointments have a fixed, allocated time slot.

Unless medical assistance is required, only one client will be invited to attend our clinic at a time. This means that unless you require a healthcare worker, you must attend your appointment alone. Sorry, no family members or friends are permitted at this time.

Only one appointment will be scheduled at a time, so you can be assured that you will be the only visitor to the clinic during your allocated time slot. This is to limit unnecessary client-contact. Our waiting room will also be kept clear at all times.

When we are ready for your appointment, we will come and greet you outside. You will have your temperature taken using a contactless forehead thermometer, and assuming a normal temperature is recorded, you will be provided with hand sanitizer and issued a surgical face mask. Place the surgical masks over your nose, mouth and chin, and secure the loops over your ears.

Please ensure all PPE is fitted correctly prior to entering the building.

These measures are compulsory for all visitors to the clinic, and all PPE must be worn throughout the appointment and until you have exited the building. For your own safety, please ensure you do not touch or readjust your mask.

On entering the building, you will be greeted by one of our audiologists, and invited into the clinic room for your appointment.

For your protection, your audiologist will be wearing scrubs, and depending on the type of appointment, a surgical or a respiratory face mask, a gown, a visor or eye protecting goggles.

All audiology clinic rooms now have protective acrylic screens, disposable seat covers and all surfaces and equipment are sanitised with disinfectant before and after every appointment, and at the beginning and end of every day.

Social distancing measures will be adopted where possible. Please always stay in your allocated chair unless asked to move. Please notice the social distancing mat, which indicates the distance required between you and others. Your audiologist will only break social distancing measures to perform certain audiology procedures; otoscopy, wax removal and certain hearing tests where probes need to be placed inside your ears. In line with BSHAA guidelines and the Infection Prevention Society requirements; this will only be done with the necessary recommended PPE.

In case you struggle because of difficulty lip-reading through masks, we have installed a speech transcribing monitor, which adds subtitles in real-time with amazing accuracy.

After the appointment, please leave the clinic in a timely manner, and dispose of all used PPE in the provided bin in reception. Always remove masks from behind – do not touch the front, it is not clean!

Thank You

Once again, thank you for your cooperation. We are very grateful for your support during this very challenging time, and your patience is appreciated!

….All the team at Hearing Healthcare Centre