Examining The Ear: Part 1

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Examining The Ear: Part 1 This is Part 1 of the Examining The Ear series, aimed at giving an insight into the anatomy and conditions of the ear. Anatomy Of The Ear… The ear is made up of three different parts. The outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. The outer ear is… Read more »


Platelet Counts: Risk Factor For Hearing Loss

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Risk Factor For Hearing Loss… In recent years, evidence has been found to show that hearing loss can be a risk factor for many systemic illnesses including dementia, depression, coronary heart disease, and kidney disease. Despite this, very few preventative strategies have been put in place to reduce the chances of developing a hearing impairment…. Read more »

Fruit Fly

Fruit Flies In Hearing Research

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Fruit Flies In Hearing Research… Although flies do not have ears, they can hear with the antennae. In a new study published in the journal Development, USC Stem Cell scientists describe how they can use fruit flies in hearing research. They claim that studying flies can provide a new way to understand and develop treatments for the… Read more »


Drug Shows Promise In Restoring Hearing

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Drug Shows Promise In Restoring Hearing… Frequency Therapeutics recently announced data related to its experimental FX-322 drug. This drug shows promise in restoring hearing for people suffering from mild to moderately severer sensorineural hearing loss. The first phase of a small study, published in Otology & Neurotology, found hearing improvements in adults with age-related sensorineural… Read more »

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Habits To Help Your Hearing

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Habits To Help Your Hearing… Hearing loss occurs when  the hairs or nerve cells in the cochlea are damaged or missing. Not all types of hearing loss are preventable or reversible. However, there are steps you can take to lower your chances of developing age related hearing loss, or noise-induced hearing loss. The following ‘Habits… Read more »

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Tackling No.1 Problem With Hearing Aids

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Background Noise – Number One Problem With Hearing Aids… For many people with hearing loss, having a normal conversation in a busy restaurant is a dream. Background noise is said to be the number one problem with hearing aids that needs to be solved. Companies have been trying to solve this problem for years, but… Read more »


Effective Hearing Aids Could Reduce Stress

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Effective Hearing Aids Could Reduce Stress… Hearing aid manufacturer, Oticon, have unveiled new research suggesting that effective hearing aids could reduce stress by reducing the impact that noise has on stress levels. As part of their ongoing BrainHearing Research, which looks at reducing the listening effort of a person with hearing loss, Oticon are delving… Read more »


COVID-19 & Hearing Loss

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  COVID-19 & Hearing Loss COVID-19 is an illness that has taken over all of our lives for over a year now. The common symptoms that people experience are a high temperature, a new, continuous cough and a loss or change to their sense of smell or taste. But a different side effect has been… Read more »

Endoscopic Ear Wax Removal

Endoscopic Ear Wax Removal

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Endoscopic Ear Wax Removal Training Our Director and Head Audiologist, Chris Carr, recently attended the Clearwax Endoscopic Ear Care Training Course in Leicester. This course allows qualified and registered ear professionals the opportunity to be trained and accredited in performing endoscopic ear wax removal, including e-suction, using their specially developed wireless iCLEARscope video oto-endoscope. Since… Read more »

WHO World Health Organization

WHO: 1 in 4 to Have Hearing Problems by 2050

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A Warning From The World Health Organisation The World Health Organisation (WHO) have warned that 1 in 4 people worldwide will have hearing problems by 2050. At least 700 million of these people will require hearing care or rehabilitation unless action is taken. “Our ability to hear is precious. Untreated hearing loss can have a… Read more »