Rechargeable Hearing Aids – Hear At Last!

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Long over due for the hearing aid world, rechargeable hearing aids are now with us. Rechargeable Hearing Aids! New Development – Rechargeable Technology Hearing aid development comes at such a rapid rate, and is often difficult to keep up with. One such development, which was long-overdue, was the incorporation of rechargeable technology into hearing aids…. Read more »

AIHHP 2017 – Golden Lobes Awards !

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A Night To Remember… Chris, Andy and Dan attended the 2017 AIHHP Golden Lobes awards over the weekend. The exquisite Gala dinner, which included three-course meals fit for kings, was accompanied by live music from an arts performance. Hearing Healthcare Centre’s finest greeted several other audiologists from all around the counter; to discuss industry news… Read more »

Silky Smooth Microphones

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New Study Into Spider Silk Microphones Silk Study Researchers at Binghamton University have conducted a study which uncovered what they believe to be another glimmer of hope for hearing impaired people; spider silk microphones. According to the study, fine fibres, like the ones found in spider silk, can improve the quality of hearing aid microphones…. Read more »

DJ Warns of Troublesome Tinnitus

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Troublesome Tinnitus An Aspiring DJ’s Story A 39-year-old man, Richard Gillis, from Mosel, Birmingham has recently spoken out about his troublesome tinnitus. Mr. Gillis spends his day working as an IT consultant but, in 2016 Mr. Gillis took up DJ-ing as a part-time hobby. The aspiring DJ is now trying to raise awareness of tinnitus… Read more »

GPs Fail To Diagnose Ear Infection

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Doctor’s Failings – Killed By Meningitis GPs Failed 4 Times To Diagnose Middle-Ear Infection 39-year-old father from Birmingham, Mr. Andrew Broadhurst, has unfortunately died of meningitis which developed from a middle ear infection (otitis media) which NHS GPs failed to diagnose. Mr. Broadhurst began experiencing blocked ears, headaches and problems with sight and so visited… Read more »