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A Night To Remember…

Chris, Andy and Dan attended the 2017 AIHHP Golden Lobes awards over the weekend. The exquisite Gala dinner, which included three-course meals fit for kings, was accompanied by live music from an arts performance. Hearing Healthcare Centre’s finest greeted several other audiologists from all around the counter; to discuss industry news and the latest research into hearing.

The Expo features many competent speakers such as Peter Cohen and Helen Hamilton, delivering key-note speeches regarding how to get staff members achieving their best!


This was followed by Dr Graham Naylor’s interesting speech titled ‘Looking at listening eyes’, which explores how people’s eyes give away the amount of effort they’re putting into listening in their specific listening environment.

After many long speeches, however fascinating they were, the team concluded at the open bar for an exchange of thoughts and opinions!

Click here for more information on the AIHHP 2017 Golden Lobes Expo!