GN Resound Enzo2

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ReSound ENZO2 Experience Smart Hearing™ in the smallest and most powerful super power hearing aid available. Hear Your World, Your Way with ReSound ENZO2 ReSound ENZO2 is the smallest and most powerful super power hearing aid available and gives you easy access to sound, no matter where it is coming from. With ReSound ENZO2, you can… Read more »

The New Oticon OPN

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A New Kind of Hearing Aid Powered by the new ultra-fast Velox™ platform, Oticon Opn: Delivers a constantly open, balanced soundscape Makes it possible to follow multiple speakers in complex listening environments Improves speech understanding in noisy environments Makes it easier on the brain by reducing listening effort Provides seamless connectivity to iPhone®, smartphones and… Read more »

Some Happy News!!

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Director and Senior Audiologist, Chris Carr, has recently become a grandparent for the third time! ‘Grandpa Chris’ has welcomed Olivia Mary, the newest member of the Carr family, saying:   It’s fantastic to become a grandfather again, and we’re all really looking forward to spending more time with the family, watching her grow and develop…hopefully… Read more »

Phonak Virto V – Audibly Big. Visibly Small

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The Phonak Virto V Custom Product family is designed with aesthetics in mind. Individually crafted and tailored to your hearing needs, the Virto V automatically adapts to your specific listening situation and allows you to better understand speech. Designed to fit perfectly into your ear canal for ultimate comfort, there is no other hearing aid… Read more »

Phonak Accessories

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Phonak have one of the most comprehensive range of accessories to enhance your hearing solutions. Whether you need audio clarity while watching TV, on the landline, or on the mobile phone, Phonak has got an accessory to suit. They’re stylish, easy to use and powerful devices, which use the latest in wireless technology. . Phonak ComPilot This… Read more »

Advanced Bionics Aqua Kit

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The World’s First underwater microphone makes the Advanced Bionics AquaCase™ both robust and unique. Designed for cochlear implant wearers, both adult and children alike, the Aqua Kit provides ultimate protection, as well as the same great hearing quality, no matter what your environment. Built to withstand even the most challenging of activities and lifestyles. The waterproof design allows… Read more »

GN Resound Unite Accessories

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GN Resound Unite™ is a series of wireless accessories that work with ReSound Verso™ to create a complete hearing system. They extend the range of your hearing aids, helping you hear even better when you’re on the phone, watching TV, listening to music or out with friends. GN Resound Unite™ accessories are very easy to… Read more »

Unitron Moxi Now – The World’s Smallest

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Proving that small is both beautiful and powerful, Unitron have just announced the release of Moxi™ Now, The World’s Smallest wireless Receiver-in-the-Canal (RIC) hearing aid. The Moxi™ Now clocks in 39% smaller in volume than Unitron’s next smallest wireless receiver-in-the-ear, and 14% smaller than the next closest competitor. The Now delivers unrivaled comfort due to… Read more »

Signia Cellion Primax

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The Signia Cellion Primax is the latest product from the award winning Primax range of hearing aids from Signia. With superior noise reduction and sleek styling these aids have already been hugely popular, and we expect their popularity to grow even further with the introduction of their new rechargeable option.

Phonak Audeo B-R

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The Audeo B is the newest product released by Phonak, utilising the new Belong chip platform. These hearing aids boast improved specification that is shown to provide significant improvement from previous instruments. But what really excites us at Hearing Healthcare Centre, is the introduction of the rechargeable battery within the Audeo B-R. These hearing aids make use… Read more »