Christmas Festivities

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A Merry Christmas To All May all the sweet magic, Of Christmas conspire, To gladden your hearts, And fill every desire, Merry Christmas! From all of us at Hearing Healthcare Centre Sled Race On your marks, get set, GO! Watch as we race our sleds to the bottom of the slope, who will win? Will… Read more »

Cochlea Stem Cell Research!

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Audiology in the News Scientists in Tokyo, Japan believe they have taken a step towards curing congenital hearing loss. They have found a way of growing human cochlear cells, which can be used to replace faulty ones in people who were born deaf, due to genetic error. They are now looking at ways to safely… Read more »

New Innovation Helps Our Soldiers Maintain Accurate Hearing

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Experts are hoping this new technology will not only help prevent hearing damage to soldiers but also enhance their hearing and combat ability. Swedish-based tech developer, Invisio, has developed a high-tech, military headset. The headset is designed to be worn under a helmet and augments a soldier’s hearing to enable better hearing, whilst defending the ears… Read more »

Hearing Loss Research Breakthrough

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Audiology in the News Researchers at the University of Louisiana may have identified a protein that can reverse hearing loss. The American university had been researching potential cures for inner ear cell damage, and their breakthrough came in quite a strange form; that of a sea anemone. Sea anemones share some similar biological traits, which… Read more »

2016 Golden Lobes Hearing Expo!

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Hearing Healthcare Centre Attend the 2016 Annual AIHPP Golden Lobes Awards! Pictured above from left to right: Chris Carr, Holly Bainbridge, Daniel Bainbridge, Luke Saunders, Andy Coughlan, Megan Ozanne, Daniel Sanchez. We were delighted to attend this year’s event, which was in the Nottingham Belfry Hotel. It was an early start for our staff, who traveled… Read more »

Some Happy News!!

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Director and Senior Audiologist, Chris Carr, has recently become a grandparent for the third time! ‘Grandpa Chris’ has welcomed Olivia Mary, the newest member of the Carr family, saying:   It’s fantastic to become a grandfather again, and we’re all really looking forward to spending more time with the family, watching her grow and develop…hopefully… Read more »

Tinnitus Calmer App! -From Beltone

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Beltone have just recently developed a tinnitus calmer app, which distracts the brain from focusing on tinnitus. The app, which is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android uses what is known as “sound therapy” to induce subtle sound tracks. The app comes with many preset default sound tracks, which range from “sunny beach”… Read more »

health care protection for family

Help your family members with their hearing healthcare

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Most people find that the worst part of getting their first hearing aid is admitting that they need help. Their reluctance stems from the fact that hearing loss is associated with getting old, and people are also worried about the stigma of deafness. Yet it’s estimated that about 10 million people in the UK are… Read more »

health benefits of hearing aids

Health benefits of wearing hearing aids

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Hearing aids bring many benefits, not least of which is the ability to join in a conversation, hear the TV or radio properly and be more aware of your surroundings. As a result of scientific studies around the world, it’s slowly becoming clear that there are also many health benefits of wearing hearing aids, which… Read more »