Hearing for the deaf at last?

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A new hearing technology deemed ‘revolutionary’ by NHS surgeons is restoring the hearing of deaf patients! Not only is this revolutionary tech pushing the boundaries of medical technology, but also of discreetness; as the new ‘bionic ear’ is completely invisible! This new bionic ear known as the Carina is a take on the conventional hearing… Read more »

Prevention Is Better Than Cure!

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Protect Your Hearing We all know that with age, comes loss of hearing. We’ve all seen the comedy sketches which feature grandparents comically mishearing people. Most people assume that they will need hearing aids eventually and that there’s no solution. This is simply not the case! Hearing is largely affected by environmental factors, and there’s… Read more »

Future of Hearing Aid Technology!

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New Research Poses Interesting Question New research from Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science has got people intrigued about the future of hearing aid technology! Current Hearing Aid Tech Current hearing aid technologies use a variety of approaches to improve speech intelligibility in background noise. Some hearing aids try to suppress the level… Read more »