How Auditory Training Can Help Your Brain

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Auditory Brain Training

How Auditory Training Can Help Your Brain… If you have hearing aids, these can help to amplify sounds and make it easier for you to hear. However, your brain might still have some trouble trying to understand what has been said. Boosting our brain hearing skills through ‘Auditory Training’ may be the way forward, and… Read more »

Hearing Loss & Risk Of Falling

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Hearing Loss & Risk Of Falling… For older people, having a fall can be very frightening and can lead to some rather severe injuries. As we age, our hearing and balance both naturally decline. A growing body of research is now suggesting that hearing loss could be contributing to an increased risk of falling. Even… Read more »

New App: SoundPrint

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Noisy Environments… As most people who experience hearing loss will already know, being in loud and busy environments can often make it difficult to zone into one particular voice – even with the most technologically advanced hearing aids! Whilst there are hearing aids that claim to improve speech understanding in background noise, there will always… Read more »