The Perks of a Hearing Aid User!

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With advances in modern technology, hearing aids are better than they’ve ever been and the stigma relating to them is slowly receding. So what’s making hearing aids more appealing? It is perhaps all of the new features now available, which improve accessibility beyond that of people with normal hearing. For example, hearing aid users can… Read more »

Hearing Aids – Fact vs Fiction

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  What have you heard about hearing aids? Hearing aids have not yet entered the mass market, and as a result, many people carry misconceptions about the life-restoring devices. We’ve put together a short article, highlighting a few of the most common misinterpretations people make. Here is Hearing Healthcare Centre’s Fact vs Fiction!  

Health Benefits of Hearing Aids

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Most people think of hearing aids primarily as a solution to their hearing impairment, but hearing aids have many more benefits which people either forget about, or do not know about. Below is a list of health benefits of hearing aids. Just in case better hearing wasn’t enough! Cognition – Keeping your mind sharp Last… Read more »

march post

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    Researchers in the US and Canada have been working to reduce the risk of ototoxic hearing loss, caused by cisplatin.   Cisplatin is a common drug used in cancer treatments; a component drug of certain chemotherapy treatments. Cisplatin is a known ototoxic drug, which can greatly impact the inner ear.  It can cause… Read more »

The Benefits of Using Swim Plugs

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Swimming is a fun, healthy activity, but how can swimming regularly affect your ears?   What is swimmer’s ear? It doesn’t matter if you’re swimming in a pool, open water or the sea, you will be susceptible to an infection known as otitis externa, which is more commonly known as swimmer’s ear. Swimmer’s ear is caused by… Read more »

Hearing Dogs

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Everybody’s heard about guide dogs for the blind, but have you heard of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People? Life for deaf people can often be very difficult. Not hearing the alarm clock or doorbell, as well as text messages and fire alarms can leave deaf people feeling very isolated, not to mention the safety risks of… Read more »

YouTube Launch! Our First Video

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Hearing Healthcare Centre’s YouTube Channel is Live! Luke, Andy, and Dan have been very busy producing Hearing Healthcare Centre’s first YouTube video! In this educational short, audiologist Daniel explains the importance of good hearing and regular check-ups. The video also features an abridged demonstration of a hearing test. We performed a 15-minute screening on a voluntary… Read more »

Help for Heroes Appreciation

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Over recent years, Hearing Healthcare Centre have organised a number of events to raise money for our Charity of the Year, Help for Heroes. In acknowledgment of our efforts and the money raised, Help for Heroes have written a letter of appreciation each time. We thought we’d share with you, our achievements for this great… Read more »

Dangers of Buying Hearing Aids Online

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At first glance, buying hearing aids online may seem a good idea. Whether it’s from a website like eBay, or another online retailer, the apparent low-cost is often a false economy. Unfortunately, low prices are often based on a number of important misunderstandings that online retailers will conveniently neglect to mention. So, read the Association… Read more »

HHC Christmas Dinner!

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We Hope You Had a Merry Christmas; We Certainly Did! The highly spirited Hearing Healthcare Centre team gathered at the St. John’s Chop House for a Christmas feast! The evening began with an exchange of ‘Secret Santa’ gifts to start the festivities, and a selection of Jelly-Babies and Liquorice Allsorts decorated the table. The team then… Read more »