Prevention Is Better Than Cure!

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Protect Your Hearing We all know that with age, comes loss of hearing. We’ve all seen the comedy sketches which feature grandparents comically mishearing people. Most people assume that they will need hearing aids eventually and that there’s no solution. This is simply not the case! Hearing is largely affected by environmental factors, and there’s… Read more »

Future of Hearing Aid Technology!

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New Research Poses Interesting Question New research from Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science has got people intrigued about the future of hearing aid technology! Current Hearing Aid Tech Current hearing aid technologies use a variety of approaches to improve speech intelligibility in background noise. Some hearing aids try to suppress the level… Read more »

Noise – The Worst Pollution?

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Just How Bad Is Noise Pollution? Noise pollution tends not to be viewed the same way as air pollution. Air pollution is viewed as a major health hazard and is constantly being measured. Efforts are frequently made to reduce air pollution. Noise pollution, on the other hand, is rarely measured and is rarely addressed in any… Read more »

Sign Language Gloves!

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Handwriting Has Been Redefined The University of California, San Diego has developed an interesting new piece of technology; a glove which utilises sensors in order to convert sign language (ASL) into text on a screen, be it a computer or smartphone. It’s not the first of its, however, it is cheaper and far more portable… Read more »

Emergency Wake Up!

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For a lot of people, hearing aids are an essential part of staying aware in their surroundings, and without them; they can be quite vulnerable. Hearing aids are designed for daytime use only, and should be removed at night before getting into bed. But, what happens if a fire starts in a house or somebody… Read more »

Enhanced Hearing and Autism

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People on the autistic spectrum can ‘take in’ more sounds at any given moment, compared to non-autistic people, according to new research from UCL. The Centre for Research in Autism and Education (CRAE) at UCL have recently published findings which identify people with Autism have increased capacity for auditory processing. These findings improve our understanding… Read more »

Health Benefits of Hearing Aids

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Most people think of hearing aids primarily as a solution to their hearing impairment, but hearing aids have many more benefits which people either forget about, or do not know about. Below is a list of health benefits of hearing aids. Just in case better hearing wasn’t enough! Cognition – Keeping your mind sharp Last… Read more »

march post

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    Researchers in the US and Canada have been working to reduce the risk of ototoxic hearing loss, caused by cisplatin.   Cisplatin is a common drug used in cancer treatments; a component drug of certain chemotherapy treatments. Cisplatin is a known ototoxic drug, which can greatly impact the inner ear.  It can cause… Read more »