Enhanced Hearing and Autism

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People on the autistic spectrum can ‘take in’ more sounds at any given moment, compared to non-autistic people, according to new research from UCL. The Centre for Research in Autism and Education (CRAE) at UCL have recently published findings which identify people with Autism have increased capacity for auditory processing. These findings improve our understanding… Read more »

Health Benefits of Hearing Aids

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Most people think of hearing aids primarily as a solution to their hearing impairment, but hearing aids have many more benefits which people either forget about, or do not know about. Below is a list of health benefits of hearing aids. Just in case better hearing wasn’t enough! Cognition – Keeping your mind sharp Last… Read more »

march post

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    Researchers in the US and Canada have been working to reduce the risk of ototoxic hearing loss, caused by cisplatin.   Cisplatin is a common drug used in cancer treatments; a component drug of certain chemotherapy treatments. Cisplatin is a known ototoxic drug, which can greatly impact the inner ear.  It can cause… Read more »

Dangers of Buying Hearing Aids Online

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At first glance, buying hearing aids online may seem a good idea. Whether it’s from a website like eBay, or another online retailer, the apparent low-cost is often a false economy. Unfortunately, low prices are often based on a number of important misunderstandings that online retailers will conveniently neglect to mention. So, read the Association… Read more »

Cochlea Stem Cell Research!

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Audiology in the News Scientists in Tokyo, Japan believe they have taken a step towards curing congenital hearing loss. They have found a way of growing human cochlear cells, which can be used to replace faulty ones in people who were born deaf, due to genetic error. They are now looking at ways to safely… Read more »

New Innovation Helps Our Soldiers Maintain Accurate Hearing

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Experts are hoping this new technology will not only help prevent hearing damage to soldiers but also enhance their hearing and combat ability. Swedish-based tech developer, Invisio, has developed a high-tech, military headset. The headset is designed to be worn under a helmet and augments a soldier’s hearing to enable better hearing, whilst defending the ears… Read more »

Hearing Loss Research Breakthrough

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Audiology in the News Researchers at the University of Louisiana may have identified a protein that can reverse hearing loss. The American university had been researching potential cures for inner ear cell damage, and their breakthrough came in quite a strange form; that of a sea anemone. Sea anemones share some similar biological traits, which… Read more »

Lip-Reading Hearing Aids?

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New hearing technology is being developed, to implement cameras into hearing aids; allowing for lip-reading capabilities!   Researchers from the University of Stirling, Scotland are developing a novel type of hearing aid, equipped with a camera and lip-reading software, according to a report from the BBC. The new device aims to address the recurrent problem… Read more »