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For a lot of people, hearing aids are an essential part of staying aware in their surroundings, and without them; they can be quite vulnerable.

Hearing aids are designed for daytime use only, and should be removed at night before getting into bed. But, what happens if a fire starts in a house or somebody breaks in? People with a hearing impairment are especially at risk

People with a hearing impairment are at a greater risk, as they’re unlikely to wake up to the sound of a fire/burglar alarm.

That’s Where Hearing Rescue Comes In

The Deaf Association in Bangkok has created a device known as ‘Hearing Rescue‘. In essence, Hearing Rescue is a hearing aid which doubles as a bracelet and is to be worn at night. The Hearing Rescue is put around the wrist and acts as an alarm, only with vibration instead of sound. The device is programmed to recognise the sound patterns of alarms/sirens and will vibrate on the user’s arm until they wake.

It doubles as a hearing aid, although not as powerful as some of today’s hearing aids. It provides basic sound amplification as well as the added comfort of being safe at night.

Another interesting advancement in the audiological industry!