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Join Us For Our Sensory Awareness Event

As a hearing healthcare provider, we’re always looking for new ways to raise awareness of both hearing loss and the dangers of exposure to loud noise! In the past, we’ve been to charity events, held our own coffee mornings, and even travelled around the county in our mobile hearing clinic van. This time, we’re setting up an event in The Guineas Shopping Centre!

What’s involved?

We’ll be running a variety of workshops, which have been carefully thought out, and designed to give people an idea of what it’s like to live with age-related ailments.


Courtesy of Cambridge University we’ll be bringing along special gloves which give users the reduced dexterity experienced by arthritis sufferers. With these gloves on, you’ll get an idea of how certain small tasks can seem difficult as an arthritis sufferer. Tying your shoelaces, buttoning a shirt, changing hearing aid batteries. These are all scenarios which can prove difficult.

Using our patented ‘DexBox‘ assessment tool, you can assess your ability to perform every-day maintenance on your hearing aid.

Reduced Acuity and Contrast Vision

We’ll also be bringing along specialised glasses, which give users reduced acuity and vision. The glasses not only blur your vision, but reduce contrast which makes it very difficult to perform normal, every-day tasks. We’ll also have a typical ‘letter sheet’ that you’d be asked to read during an eye test, so that you can see the difference for yourself! Specially designed software can also help replicate other visual impairments, such as cataracts etc.

Virtual Reality Headset

With the benefit of the Oculus GearVR Headset, we can demonstrate a variety of visual impairments, including ‘Diabetic Retinopathy’, ‘Cataracts’, ‘Glaucoma’, ‘Macular Degeneration’ and more!

Hearing Loss

As you’d expect, we’ve also got our very own hearing loss simulation equipment, to allow you to experience what it would be like to live with hearing loss. From mild and moderate, to severe and profound. Our simulator can replicate even the most complex listening environments. We’re often informed that the biggest obstacle in adjusting to hearing loss, is the family and friends “not really understanding” what it feels like, and how to help. With our hearing loss simulator, you can metaphorically step into those shoes for a brief moment. A great tool to help with empathy.

Impressions for Swim Plugs and Noise Protection

As part of our special offer for the Saturday 13th October, we’ll also be making custom-made swim plugs and noise protection for just £30 per pair. We’ll make the earplugs on the day, while you wait!

Otoscopic Examination

Ever wondered what the inside of your ear looks like? With our specialised otoscopic cameras, we can show you a detailed view of your ear canal, and detect any wax build-up, absolutely free of charge!

Hearing Aid Special Offer

We’re also offering a whopping £500 discount on Bernafon hearing aids, just for attending the event! A Bernafon representative will be available to answer any questions, perform demonstrations of the hearing technology and showcase their latest products. Speak to us on the day for more information.

Come Along and Join Us!

This is a great opportunity for anybody working in the healthcare industry, in particular, people who care for those with age-related ailments such as Arthritis, hearing loss and vision impairment. Anyone who attends will get the opportunity to ‘step into their shoes’ with our equipment.

It’s also not a bad idea to check your hearing levels, as it may be a while since you last had a test. We recommend testing your hearing once a year, as you would do your eyesight and dental health, as part of a healthy routine.

Date: Saturday 13th October 2018
Time: 10:00 – 13:00
Location: The Guineas Shopping Centre, Newmarket

We hope to see you there!