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So What’s New?

Many of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers look set to release new and exciting technology this October. At Hearing Healthcare Centre, we always strive to be at the forefront when it comes to the provision of the most advanced technology on the market. That is why our audiologists have secured invitations to undergo training with some of the leading hearing aid providers, and undergo training to see what new technology our clients could benefit from.

In October, the following manufacturers are thought to be releasing something new…


With the successful launch of their Tempus platform, Unitron have now expanded the product family the Tempus Insera custom hearing aid. The Insera will bring increased processing and background noise reduction to those looking for a discreet but powerful In-The-Ear solution.  What’s more, they have further expanded on their successful rechargeable technologies, with Behind-The-Ear models expected to be announced.


The Oticon OPN has recently become a pioneer in its field, utilising the IFTTT network. The OPN is capable of working seamlessly with other wireless smart devices around the home, using its ‘If This Then That’ technology. With OPN, users can have their hearing aids alert them when someone is at the front door, inform them when the washing cycle has finished or even use their hearing aids to tell the house which lights to turn on.

Until recently this technology has only been available in a Receiver-In-Canal format. As of October, however, from the sneak peak we have received, we understand the product family is to be expanded with a rechargeable option as their showcase piece.


Having slipped behind in recent years, Widex have finally put their resources towards catching up with the rest of the hearing aid market. Smart Phone compatible hearing aids have been a mainstay for the last few years, but with Widex this was never a focus. This is soon to change with the launch of the Widex Beyond this October. Unfortunately however, direct media streaming is only available through IOS devices. We await news of more impressive developments, but as yet, the launch appears to be more of a ‘catch-up’ than anything revolutionary.


Phonak look set to make a wireless hearing aid control, allowing data streaming to be more readily available to hearing aid wearers. With the proposed launch of their new hearing aids, they can have media streamed to them from any smart device (so long as it has Bluetooth v4.2). Previous devices from other manufacturers have only been compatible with IOS, and a select number of devices Android devices, namely Samsung Galaxy range.

In addition, Phonak will also be launching their new Virto In-The-Ear range with its new Biometric analysis. With biometric analysis, this technology is reported to improve speech directionality by as much as 2dB. This would make understanding speech-in-noise less challenging than before.


As things stand, these are only proposed advancements. More news to follow in October!

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