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A Main Character With Tinnitus?

Baby Driver

The new, critically acclaimed, box office title “Baby Driver” features a protagonist who has been dealing with tinnitus from a young age. ‘Baby’ was involved in a car crash at a young age, and exposure to the sudden, very loud noise left him with a life-long ringing in his ears.

Baby deals with his tinnitus by ‘drowning out’ the sound with music through his earphones; which he wears almost all of the time.

This film is expected to shed some much-needed awareness of the struggles and suffering that people with tinnitus experience, as this film hits mainstream cinemas.

For those of you who may be unaware, tinnitus is a condition where your cochlea (the hearing organ) begins to pick up the body’s internal sounds. This can be experienced as ‘buzzing’, ‘ringing’ or ‘hissing’. Tinnitus affects a very large number of people, most of whom will only ever experience it in a mild form. However, tinnitus can prove extremely frustrating and troublesome, and can disrupt sleep and overall quality of life.

What Can You Do?

If you, or anybody you know, is suffering from tinnitus, feel free to check out our extensive informative page on tinnitus, the causes, and the possible treatments!

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