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Microsuction Ear Wax Removal


Firstly, we are delighted to announce that we will soon be offering Microsuction Ear Wax Removal in both our Cambridge and Peterborough offices. This highly skilled procedure is used when the more traditional methods of eardrops or water irrigation are not suitable or have proved ineffective. A special suction device attached to the Microsuction machine is used to remove the earwax. It is quick, safe and painless and we look forward to being able to offer this advanced ear wax removal technique to clients from the end of January.

Innovative accessories

We are also very pleased to be able to announce the launch of a number of new accessories for those with cochlear implants and Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA). Our range will include accessories that sync with the TV, mobile phones and Bluetooth links. Though such devices are already available for users of more conventional hearing aids, this is a new, and very exciting development for cochlear implant and BAHA users. To find out more about the full range of products on offer, please contact us.
We are also delighted to be one of just half a dozen hearing centres around the country to offer Advanced Bionics’ AquaCase which has been designed to help those with cochlear implants participate in extreme sports or water based activities without compromising their hearing. The AquaCase securely encloses the external hearing device and can be worn off-the-ear including on a clip, lanyard or armband. It has also been designed for use in dusty environments including farms, workshops, playgrounds and construction sites.
For advice and further information on any of these products please contact us on 01223 360 700.

Supporting sportsmen and women

Our latest enterprises are not confined solely to the HHC premises. We are regularly out and about in the community and recently travelled to Kettering to meet the players and support staff of the England Deaf Rugby Union (EDRU).
We are hoping to become the team’s official audiologists providing help and advice on hearing as well as conducting official tests to certify the players’ hearing impairments. We also hope to sponsor a team member from both the male and female teams who will act as spokespeople for Hearing Healthcare Centre. We were expecting a TV crew from ITV news to be there so keep an eye on your TV screens and see if you can spot the HHC team and van.

Protecting gun enthusiasts

Another exciting development is a potential collaboration with gun clubs in Cambridgeshire. We are very keen to raise awareness of the importance of good noise protection for gun enthusiasts and to encourage them to have their hearing tested for any problems before they become too severe. With this in mind we are in negotiations with the Cambridgeshire Rifle and Pistol Association about attending meetings and competitions to perform free hearing tests. These will be carried out in our fully-equipped, sound-proofed van and, though completely free, if participants wish to make donations to Help for Heroes (our charity of the year) we will be very happy to accept them.

Building relationships with the WI

And finally, we are delighted to be supporting the local WI by advertising in the WI News for Peterborough and Huntingdon. We have been keen supporters of the WI in the past and hope to establish an on-going relationship by providing features and news articles to the magazine as well as giving talks and advice to members on hearing issues.