Video Otoscopic Examination

A key-part of our service is to ensure that ears are clear and healthy – a service we perform as standard in every appointment. The purpose of otoscopy is to check the health of the ear canal and the eardrum. Otoscopy is performed using an otoscope. We have access to a range of otoscopes, including the handheld Welch Allyn, as well as video otoscopes such as the Alina and Delfino (with image and video capture capabilities). We always try to make our appointments as informative as possible, and try to engage our clients wherever possible with the use of these otoscopes. We can talk you though the visible landmarks of the outer ear and in certain cases, explain the pathologies of your ear. The ability to take pictures of your ear allows us to record important information for future reference. We can compare these images of your ears after each visit, which helps identify potential areas of concern and allows us to monitor the pathology progression of the ear. If a pathology or referable condition is identified during otoscopy, a picture can be taken and an image sent to your GP for their investigation/records.

Appointment Duration: part of all normal appointments

Prerequisites: None, if you have any concerns about your hearing health, you should book in for a Aural Health Check and Hearing Screening

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Aural Health Check and Hearing Screening

In line with government targets to improve the general health of the population, at Hearing Healthcare Centre, we offer a free screening hearing test to anyone who requests it. This is particularly recommended for anyone 50 years or older, and can be repeated annually. This not only gives you peace of mind, but allows us to keep track of your hearing ability and flag up any sudden changes which may occur. The perfect hearing test for those who want a quick and simple answer to “Do I have a hearing loss?”.

The hearing screening is a quick and accurate check of your hearing at a range of frequencies and decibel levels.

Appointment Duration: 45 minutes

Appointment Cost: £50.00

Prerequisites: None, you should bring any previous hearing tests or medical information that you feel would be relevant along to the appointment

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New Client Consultation

hearing test is a simple but comprehensive procedure which takes about an hour. You’ll be made very comfortable and we’ll explain everything as we go along so you always know what’s happening.

We would encourage you to bring your partner or, a family member along for your first visit as this can help significantly in this process and can give you additional support.

The first step is to take a client history. Our qualified audiologist will ask you a few questions about your health, lifestyle and hearing history.

Next, we’ll examine your ears so we can immediately identify if there’s any wax or other obstruction or an infection that may be the cause of your hearing loss. If there is, we’ll refer you to a medical practitioner.

A middle ear function test will be carried out which is an objective test and only takes a few seconds.

Then we’ll come on to the hearing test itself. You’ll be sitting in a sound-proof booth so you won’t be distracted by outside noises. You’ll be asked to wear headphones, or ear plugs through which we’ll play a series of sounds – tones at different pitches and volumes. All you need to do is press a button whenever you hear something. It’s as simple as that! Speech testing in noise will also be carried out. This test asks you to listen to a recording and identify words and phrases when there is an increasing level of background noise.

Once the test is over, we’ll have a chat about the results. We’ll print out the details of your hearing test on a graph, called an audiogram. The audiogram allows us to see a ‘picture’ of your hearing levels to give an accurate assessment of your hearing ability. This enables us to assess whether or not you need hearing instruments and, if so, to discuss the options with you.

It’s a simple, painless procedure which could have a profound and beneficial effect on your life.

Appointment Duration: 2 hours

Appointment Cost: £120.00

Prerequisites: None, you should bring any previous hearing tests or medical information that you feel would be relevant along to the appointment

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Tinnitus Consultation

Hearing Healthcare Centre are trained and qualified in tinnitus management techniques. Whilst there is no ‘cure’ available for tinnitus, by means of drugs or surgery, there are many methods to alleviate, and in some cases, stop the symptoms. Hearing Healthcare Centre offers a number of discreet and comfortable hearing devices which help control the noise of tinnitus, making it easier to follow conversations and helping you regain your ‘quiet’ time.

Appointment Duration: 1.5 hours

Appointment Cost: £120.00

Prerequisites: None

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