Ear Impressions

Taking impressions of one’s ears is a straightforward procedure, and is required for creating custom-made earmoulds for ear protection; including noise, swimming, sleeping, or hearing instruments.

We first inspect the ear canals for suitability and any wax blockage. The next step is to insert a soft sponge (or cotton) wad attached to a cotton line gently down the ear canal, to the depth required.

A soft silicone putty is then slowly and gently injected into the canal, up to the sponge wad, filling the canal until it reaches the bowl (concha) of the ear. This silicone putty then hardens after approximately 2 minutes, and is ready to be gently removed. Clients are advised to remain quiet during the impression procedure, as any mouth or jaw movement can cause the moulds to distort.

Our Impression Service

Hearing Healthcare Centre offers custom made noise protectors, monitor moulds, swim plugs, sleep plugs, and a whole host of other moulded products. If the mould is ordered through Hearing Healthcare Centre, there is no charge made for the impression. Hearing Healthcare Centre uses a wide selection of approved, established, and UK based manufacturers to ensure client satisfaction.

If you require impressions in order to send to a non-approved, third-party manufacturer (i.e. not recognised by Hearing Healthcare Centre), the service is chargeable. Impression requirements (i.e. open-jaw impressions, depth requirements, type of otoblock etc.) must be relayed to Hearing Healthcare Centre.

We will not take any responsibility for impressions that are not suitable, if adequate and accurate information has not been previously supplied.

No re-impressions will be made. No refund will be offered.

Appointment Duration: 15 minutes

Appointment Cost: £36

Prerequisites: None

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