Chris [A4]Chris Carr

Director and Head Audiologist
I started my career as a deck apprentice with Shell, then moved on to selling bricks, then car parts so it’s a bit of a leap from that to the audiology business! I changed my career path because I like helping people and I like technology – audiology has provided me with the perfect combination of the two. When I took over Hearing Healthcare Centre in 1983, I made sure that we only use the most advanced testing equipment and promoted the best hearing aids.Providing clients with the best has always been a driving force. I was a founding member of The Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals (AIHHP), a professional association dedicated to promoting excellence within the UK Hearing Care profession. I also believe in pushing the boundaries of the latest technology and often make constructive suggestions to manufacturers to improve their products for end users and dispensers through the regular meetings of our professional bodies. Early in my career I formed a link with the Lions Club following an approach from Vic Truluck who came to ask what we did with old aids. As a result, I’m very proud to say that we now have a nationwide supply of old aids and equipment being delivered to third world countries via the Lions with Vic still at the helm.These days technology is progressing at such a fast rate, it’s now even possible to improve on normality, and I find that incredibly exciting. Even though I’m coming up for retirement, I want to stay involved in the business and keep up with how technological improvements can make such a huge difference to people’s lives. I’ve run Hearing Healthcare Centre practice for over three decades and helped hundreds of people – in the future I hope to help many more!

Andy [A4]

Andy Coughlan

BSc (hons)
Director and Operations Manager
My primary role is running the business side of Hearing Healthcare Centre. My background is IT and business, and I’ve been busy updating all of our computer systems to make life a lot easier for all of us. When I first started, I spent a lot of time in reception and I got to know our clients very well. Even though I’m behind the scenes more these days, I still like going into reception to chat to everyone. I am also fully qualified as an Audiology Assistant which means I am able to answer more queries, and this will lead to a more efficient practice. My hobbies are clay pigeon shooting, Formula 1 motor racing and travelling, which goes hand-in-hand with my love of photography. I have a display book of my best photos in reception, so please feel free to have a look. They make great gifts, or perhaps buy one as a treat for yourself!  Feel free to have a look at my My Portfolio.

Daniel [A4]

Dan Bainbridge

BSc (hons), RHAD
I have been working in the world of Audiology for several years now, and I have managed to do a lot in that time. I spent four years at University College London (UCL), and obtained a BSc (Hons) degree in Audiology. I spent a year working with the Audiology department at Barnet and Chase farm NHS trust. I also spent time working with St.Ann’s hospital in north London in the paediatric audiology department. It was during this time that I got to work with a wide variety of people and share my knowledge to help both young and older people with their hearing. I gained experience treating tinnitus, balance problems and complex audiological issues. I then spent a year working in both NHS and Private Audiology. I decided quite quickly that the private sector was more to my suiting, as short appointment times and pressure to meet targets meant I couldn’t get to know my clients, and I often felt that I couldn’t provide a service they deserved. When the opportunity to work with Hearing Healthcare Centre arose, I snatched at it with both hands. Having been with the team at HHC for three years, I can honestly say the move has been the perfect fit for me. My hobbies include spending time with my wife and daughter, watching rugby, athletics, and formula 1. I have a Kayak which I take out on the river as often as I can.

Carolyn [A4]Carolyn Brewer

Part-Time Front of House
I have a long career managing offices and shops. I’ve worked in audiology practices since 2008, so have excellent knowledge of the work Chris and Andy do and the products we sell. Knowing more about the business means that I can be even more helpful as a receptionist. I have recently passed Unitron’s Front of House and Audiology training course, which allows me to perform basic in-house repairs as well as general hearing aid cleaning and maintenance.

Dani [A4]Dani Sanchez


I am a qualified Audiologist, having graduated from Anglia Ruskin University. I grew up in Malaga, Spain, and I am completely bilingual. I came to the UK to achieve my ambition of becoming an Audiologist and developing my audiological experience with Hearing Healthcare Centre in an advanced private company, in a great city like Cambridge. We have a great family business dynamic, and we all help each other out in every way possible. I am now qualified in ear wax removal, as well as being Hearing Healthcare Centre’s resident Earmould Technician. I enjoy creating ear plugs and ear protection, as it is something which most audiology practices do not offer.

I enjoy the social aspect of my job, as it gives me the opportunity to hear about my client’s history, their hobbies, and their hearing difficulties. It gives me an opportunity to help, and bring back some of the hearing that they have been missing all these years.

As a millennial, I am very comfortable with modern technology, including the wide range of hearing aids that we provide, accessories and smartphone apps which all form part of our expertise. My hobbies include nightlife activities, creating music, going to the gym and travelling around the world.

Luke [A4]

Luke Saunders

Front of House, and Administration Assistant
I joined Hearing Healthcare Centre in October 2016 and was excited to get to grips with the audiological environment. My background is Engineering and IT, and I implement the latter in my new role at HHC. When not handling calls, making appointments or performing my admin duties, I am an IT Administrator, which means I undertake tasks relating to the website, social media, and our news blog. I also produce videos, which allows me to contribute to the company’s YouTube channel!

I couldn’t be more pleased with both the environment and people I find myself surrounded by, and hope to learn a great deal more about audiology, which has fascinated me since the start. I now have a firm understanding of the clinic procedures, as well as the cleaning and maintenance of hearing aids. I can read audiograms and recognize irregularities, as well as compassionately understand the needs and difficulties of those with a hearing loss.

In my spare time, I enjoy creating almost anything I can on my computer, from music, videos, games, and photos, to literary pieces and 3D models.