It can be very frustrating to have to say ‘pardon?’ a lot because you’re straining to understand what people are talking about. Not being able to join in with conversations can be very isolating. If going out with family and friends has become less appealing because you’re finding it difficult to follow what people are saying, it’s time to do something about it.

Common indications that someone is suffering from a hearing loss might include:

  1. People sound like they are mumbling more than they used to
  2. People on the television don’t talk clearly; I can only understand the news readers
  3. I don’t enjoy listening to music anymore
  4. People on the telephone sound muffled, I have to use the loudspeaker
  5. Bars and restaurants are too loud
  6. I feel left out of conversations

In most cases, hearing loss is a gradual process so you may not even have noticed a decline. But it is the sort of thing that family and friends may have identified, and even commented on. Subtle ambient noises (such as birdsong, or the hum of household appliances) are sounds that you naturally ‘tune out’ anyway, so you are probably not even going to notice that you cannot hear them anymore. 

Hearing loss doesn’t always mean a reduction in audible volume; many people detect deterioration in their ‘speech clarity’ before volume becomes an issue.

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