Understanding hearing loss is more complex than you might imagine. Hearing loss is rarely just the loss of amplification (volume). It more commonly affects intelligibility and clarity. Hearing loss normally affects high frequencies (females or children) more drastically. You cannot simply recreate hearing loss by blocking-up your ears.

In order to simulate the different levels of hearing loss (mild, moderate, severe, profound), we have produced a video to demonstrate what a simple restaurant conversation could sound like to a hearing impaired individual.

Click ‘Play’ to begin…


I read in the _________ today, that a new _________ is opening. Isn’t that _________ ?

Sure is. What _________ are they_________ ?

I _________ it will be the one they were _________ last year, do you remember?

Yes I do, do you _________ to go see it?

The _________ was so good, it’d _________ be worth it.

You’re _________ , it’s always _________ to see if they do it a _________ way.

The _________ is relatively _________ as well.


I read in the today, that a new is opening. Isn't that great?