Hearing aids come in a range of styles and types. But what people often neglect to investigate is the technology that the hearing aid uses. Hearing aids can look identical on the outside, but house different components and technologies inside them. Hearing aid manufacturers typically have anywhere between three and six technology levels available for a product. As an example; Starkey have a hearing aid called the Starkey Z Series, but the Z Series comes in 5 tech levels: (from lowest, to highest) i20, i30, i70, i90 and i110

At Hearing Healthcare Centre we offer three technology levels to our clients; ‘entry level’, ‘mid-range’ and ‘premium’. This doesn’t mean we offer the worst, the average, and the best, but rather the three highest tech levels from each manufacturer. In the case of the Z series, our ’entry level’ instrument would be the i70, our ‘mid-range’ instrument the i90 and our ‘premium’ hearing instrument would be the i110.

It is important you are aware of the differences in technology level available to you from different providers. An ‘entry level’ system from elsewhere does not mean it is equivalent to a hearing aid from us.

Buying a hearing system can seem a daunting and complicated process. As an AIHHP Centre of Excellence, we pride ourselves on providing the most suitable hearing solutions for your needs; both personal and environmental. Our 50 years of experience means that we are able to provide accurate information, the best advice and we endeavour to make your decision-making process as easy as possible. In an attempt to make the hearing aid selection process a little easier, we have designed and documented our “Technology Levels”. Please see below for a detailed comparison.

Below is a table representing the typical features and technologies available in the different technology levels, as well as a guide on what technology level may be right for you.



Entry Level Range

All entry level hearing systems are digital, custom-made devices, with a tried-and-tested design to ensure maximum comfort and performance. An entry level hearing device features automatic programmes, suitable for clients with less demanding environmental needs.

Typically Consists of:

Automatic Programmes

Speech in quiet

Speech in moderate noise

Up to 3 Manual Programmes

Suitable For:

basic-social-life mild-hearing-loss moderate-hearing-loss severe profound-hearing-loss poor-vision poor-dexterity aesthetically-aware

Mid Range Level

Our mid-range hearing systems have greater flexibility than the entry level, allowing our clients to manage their hearing in a greater (and more varied) number of challenging environments.

Typically Consists of:

Automatic Programmes:

Speech in quiet

Speech in noise

Comfort in noise

Up to 5 Manual Programmes

Suitable For:

moderate-social-life mild-hearing-loss moderate-hearing-loss severe profound-hearing-loss poor-vision poor-dexterity aesthetically-aware restaurant-program sporty outdoor-person

Premium Range Level

Our premium level selection of hearing systems have the most advanced automatic system available in the market. This allows our clients the best possible hearing in the most challenging listening environments.

Typically Consists of:

Automatic Programmes:

Soft Speech in quiet

Loud Speech in quiet

Speech in moderate background noise

Speech in loud background noise

Comfort in moderate noise

Comfort in loud noise


Up to 7 Manual Programmes

Suitable For:

active-social-life mild-hearing-loss moderate-hearing-loss severe profound-hearing-loss poor-vision poor-dexterity aesthetically-aware restaurant-program sporty outdoor-person theatre-enthusiasts technology-enthusiast music-enthusiast