At Hearing Healthcare Centre, we supply a wide range of Hearing Aids at our branches in Cambridge, Newmarket and Saffron Walden. We talk you through your options and make sure that whichever hearing aid you choose, it is the right choice for you.

There are now more styles and sizes of hearing aids than ever before, all of which are easy to use, comfortable to wear, discreet and powerful. They’re very clever, tiny gadgets that will make a huge difference to your life.

Bluetooth technology means that they can connect to TVs as well as landline and mobile telephones so you’ll be able to hear them even better. And, like all modern technology, they now come in a wide range of designs and colours so you can choose one you really like.

After your hearing assessment, we’ll talk to you and help you decide which one would be best suited to your needs, depending on your lifestyle as well as the level of hearing correction needed. We’ll recommend one of a number of types of hearing aid:

In The Ear (ITE) Full Shell

Custom made to fit the shape and size of your ear canals, these fit securely in the outer ear. They’re unobtrusive and have optional controls and directional microphones to help in noisy environments

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Completely In Canal (CIC)

The smallest in the ear hearing aids available. They’re custom made and fit right inside the ear canal which makes them virtually invisible. They have a smaller battery than in the ear hearing aids, but can provide a more natural sound, reduced wind noise and improved telephone use.

rs958_unitron_inear_stride_cic_cmyk_fin_cropped1-hpr ezgif-com-gif-maker-3

Receiver In Canal

These miniature behind the ear aids are extremely discreet and come in a variety of styles. The microphones and sound processor are housed in a casing that fits behind the ear and delivers the sound down a very thin, clear wire to a speaker that sits inside the ear canal.

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Behind The Ear

These are the most powerful hearing aids available, making them suitable even for profound hearing loss. Custom made, they also have the most options for user controls and are compatible with accessories such as FM systems.

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Invisible In The Canal (IIC)

The smallest ‘In the Ear’ hearing aids available. Designed for those that are truly seeking an invisible hearing solution. These hearing aids fit deeply into the ear canal, and are fully automatic. These are not suitable for every hearing loss.

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Full Shell Mould (BTE Hearing Aids)

Full Shell Moulds are suitable for the more powerful (superpower) BTE instruments, as there is more material to stop the sound from escaping, and causing whistling (feedback). Full shell moulds can be made in both hard or soft material (acrylic/silicone), in a range of different colours, including transparent for increased discretion.

Full shell mould hearing aid

Half Shell Mould (BTE Hearing Aids)

Half Shell Moulds are suitable for all significant hearing losses, and subsequently hearing aid powers. The half shell means that they are more easily inserted and removed, and are often preferable for dexterously challenged individuals. Half shell moulds can be made in both hard or soft material (acrylic/silicone), in a range of different colours.

Half shell mould hearing aid

Skeleton Mould (BTE Hearing Aids)

Skeleton Moulds are suitable for less severe hearing losses, and subsequently lower hearing aid powers. It offers excellent retention and ventilation to the concha than the full/half shells. Skeleton moulds are only available in hard acrylic, but come in a range of colours.

Skeleton mould hearing aid


The Right Style For You

Finding the right hearing aid style for yourself can be a difficult process. Many factors including your lifestyle, hearing loss and social needs are taken into consideration when choosing the optimal solution, so it’s always best to book a consultation appointment with our audiologists. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, please don’t hesitate to book an appointment below!