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Ear Infections and Swim Protection

If you are a swimmer, and regularly suffer from ear infections, it’s certainly worth investing in some aquatic ear protection.

Your ears are truly marvellous mechanisms. Not only do they self-clean, but they also self-protect as well. Your ear canals are actually lined with a secretion which makes up ear wax. This secretion makes your ear canals ‘waterproof’. However, this thin layer can often be damaged if a person, for example, pokes something like a cotton bud into their ear, or by regular exposure to water.

If you do a lot of swimming, you will most likely contract what is commonly known as swimmer’s ear. Swimmer’s ear is actually known as Otitis Externa, and is inflammation in the ear caused by repeated exposure to water.

There are several symptoms of irritation, which normally only last a few days. However, they can last for several months. If you are a frequent sufferer of Otitis Externa, there is a simple solution! And no, it isn’t to give up swimming!!

Specialist custom-moulded swim plugs are the best way to avoid ear infections caused by waterborne bacteria.

What Makes Our Swim Plugs Special?

At Hearing Healthcare Centre, we produce all of our swim plugs in-house. With each pair of plugs being carefully hand-crafted, we are able to guarantee a perfect fit. What’s more, our in-house operation ensures a quick turn-around, much faster than outsourcing, and vastly quicker than our competitors. With a variety of colours to choose from, you can be guaranteed to have something to match your style.

Our HHC Swim Plugs sit in the bowl of your ear, are very easy to insert and remove, and create a perfect seal which prevents water from entering your ear. This means that you can enjoy swimming without the constant worry of contracting an irritating ear infection.

Do You or Anybody You Know Need Swim Plugs?

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