It is entirely possible to have Hearing Aids and Glasses built into one single unit, and they do have some distinct advantages.

Spectacle Hearing Aids provide an effective solution for anybody suffering from conductive hearing loss, as Spectacle Hearing Aids come in the form of a bone conduction unit. The bone conductor within is mounted on the arm of the spectacles, placing them comfortably on the mastoid bone behind the ear. This pressured bone conductor then sends vibrations directly to the cochlear, which then travels to the brain via auditory stimulation.

Additionally, Spectacle Hearing Aids can be prescribed as air conduction devices, and possess all the advantages for sensory neural loss sufferers.

There are some significant factors to consider however before purchasing Spectacle Hearing Aids; if a part of the Spectacle Hearing Aid malfunctions, breaks, needs maintenance, or a new prescription is needed, you would be left without both your spectacles and hearing aids whilst they are at the repairers.

Also, as many spectacle wearers can testify, your eyes occasionally need a rest, and you cannot do this without also removing your hearing instruments.

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