Bone Conduction Headbands are exactly what you might think, a bone conductor mounted on a headband. The type of headband used will depend on the client and their requirements. Typically, the two types of headband used are soft headbands (like sweat bands) or a hard headband (like a tight metal hairband).

Soft headbands are more commonly used on children, or by adults for recreation and sports. This is because they are more comfortable and have less hard edges.

The hard headbands are more used by adults, or those looking for a more discreet option than the soft headband.

The benefit of headband bone conductors is that they can be removed and altered for comfort. Bone conductor headbands are commonly used to help people decide whether they feel they would receive significant benefit from bone conduction technology. Successful adopters of bone conductor headbands will often then go on to have Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHAs) fitted.