At Hearing Healthcare Centre, we understand the importance of a holistic treatment plan, and although hearing aids are the primary solution for most clients; some people require less technological input.

It is because of this belief, that we always strive to provide a solution for any hearing difficulty. We do this by either providing devices that work in synergy with the user’s current hearing aids, known as “Assistive Listening Devices” or we offer stand-alone solutions for users with less severe losses; these are known as “Alternative Listening Devices”.

Alternative Listening Devices help people with hearing loss, speech or language disorders to communicate more effectively.

Alternative Listening Devices differ from Assistive Listening Devices because they do not always require any specialist equipment to operate, and can be used independently of hearing aids.

There are wide varieties of products available on the market, including:

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Amplified Telephones

Amplified Telephones are available either wired or cordless, and usually have adjustable volume control of up to 30dB, tone control, and large push-button controls making use easier for those with poor dexterity.

People with hearing impairment struggle the most with telephones, the main reason being there are no visual clues or lip-reading possibilities. For this reason, it is all the more important to have a telephone that provides loud, clear sounds.

Over the years, Hearing Healthcare Centre has researched a number of technologies in order to find the telephones most suitable for the hearing impaired. Visit our Online Shop!

Audio Streaming Devices

Audio Streaming Devices are used to allow high-quality sound transmission for any sound sources – TVs, CD players, PC/Laptops, MP3/MP4 players. Audio Streaming Devices can deliver stereo quality, life-like sounds up to 120db directly into your ears.

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Fire & Smoke Warning Systems

Fire/Smoke Warning Systems such as the renowned Ringflash, ensures that a hearing impaired person’s attention is grabbed by a steady, slow-flashing bright light.

Domestic Electronics

Domestic Electronics come in many forms:

  • Stereo Headphones with powerful and dynamic sound quality, and separate volume control on the right and left side and soft padding for comfort
  • Vibrating Shaker Alarms with universal 3.5mm jack, which can vibrate when the phone rings
  • Hearing Aid Compatible Smart Phones, which possess extra-loud receiver volume
  • Specialist Alarm Clocks that have loud ringers as well as flashing lights and vibrating pads, which will wake even the deepest of sleepers
  • Loop Systems are great for those who want a low-tech, simple solution for their TV listening experience. Simple setup and operation allows you to transmit audio from your TV to a loop system worn around the neck. This transition works via a Telecoil in the hearing aid, and easily assists those with hearing impairment

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