Introduction to Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron is a manufacturer of hearing aids instruments and accessories who are renowned for making hearing aids that have both form and function. A Canadian company, with Swiss influence, Unitron prides themselves on making hearing aids that are smart, comfortable and discrete.

Unitron Hearing Aids


Founded in 1964 in Canada, Unitron started making hearing aids for the US and Canadian market. In the early 60’s, Unitron was well known for producing high quality analogue BTE’s. With the introduction of digital technology, they went from strength to strength, with features such as AntiShock and SmartFocus being lauded by audiological experts. They now have offices in over 20 countries and supply hearing aids to over 70. In 2000, they were purchased by Phonak, who both come under the Sonova brand.

Unitron Hearing Aids and Other Products

Unitron have a full range of Custom (IIC, ITE, ITC) and Receiver in the Ear (RITE) hearing aids, though currently do not have a super power Behind the Ear (BTE) available. Whatever hearing aid you have in mind, a Unitron hearing aid will be built with style in mind. Their microphone port design was influenced by Porsche, and the contours naturally reflect light to give a seamless look. They have made the smallest Receiver in the Ear (RITE) hearing aid in the world, and currently have five different hearing aid models that have won the RedDot Design Award.


Unitron launched the Moxi Now, the World’s Smallest Receiver in the Ear (RITE) hearing aid, which is a very discreet option. What’s more, it doesn’t compromise on sound quality or automated technology. Built with their AntiShock feature, it allows the hearing aid to cancel out sudden impulse sounds and protect the user from potentially damaging noise levels. The latest Moxi All hearing aid is the first Bluetooth, smartphone compatible hearing aid which works seamlessly with IOS and Android alike.

A new concept called “Flex:Upgrade” allows users who have purchased hearing aids the ability to upgrade the technology to a higher level, at any time. This, essentially, allows the user to jump to a mid-range or even high-end hearing aid, future-proofing their investment.


5x recipients of the RedDot Design Award

Sister Companies

Phonak, Sonova, Hansaton

Unitron Hearing Aids

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You can find the Unitron Official Website here.

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