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Ten Facts – Hearing Is Amazing!


The ear intricately routes sound waves in the air through to your brain, where they can be understood as intelligible, distinct noise. By carrying out this process, your ears enable you to communicate, learn and better understand the world around you. Below, we have some facts about the way our ears work, which you may not be aware of;

Fact 1

The smallest bones in your entire body exist within your ears. In fact, the ear contains the three smallest bones; the Stapes, the Malleus, and the Incus. These bones are known as the ossicles.

Fact 2

Circumference-wise, the inner-ear (canal) is no larger than a pencil eraser.

Fact 3

Our entire sense of hearing is dependent upon tiny hairs, deep within our ears. If we lose or damage these tiny hairs, we lose our ability to hear.

Fact 4

Our ears are self-cleaning. This means that, unless we suffer from a specific condition, or have abnormally narrow ear canals, we should never have to clean wax out of our ears. Ears naturally push excess wax out as needed!

Fact 5

Contrary to popular belief, the majority of individuals who suffer from hearing loss are actually under the age of 65!

Fact 6

By far the most common cause of hearing loss is exposure to excessively loud noises! (over 85dB!).

Fact 7

Most people don’t realise, but our hearing can be permanently damaged, even after just a single incident of exposure to extremely loud noise! (shotgun blast, explosion, etc.)

Fact 8

Ears never stop hearing, even when you are asleep; your brain just ignores incoming sounds.

Fact 9

Our ears are not only necessary for hearing, they’re entirely responsible for our sense of balance.

Fact 10

Not every living creature hears with ears. Snakes hear through their jawbones, fish respond to pressure changes, and male mosquitoes use their antennae!


Did you know a mosquito alarm can only be heard by individuals under the age of 30!

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