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As the holiday season gets tantalisingly close, it’s worth giving a thought as to whether ear protection is something that should be on your packing list. There is nothing more frustrating than sitting around the edge of an enticing, blue pool or on a beach lapped by crystal clear waters unable to swim because of an ear infection.

swimming_child_swimplug-X2At Hearing Healthcare Centre, we recommend that anyone who has had ear infections in the past – and definitely anyone who has had a perforation – should invest in ear plugs for their holiday.  This is particularly true if you are swimming in tropical waters where the risk of infection is higher.

Swimmer’s Ear plugs are an incredibly simple, yet effective way to prevent infections. They literally plug the ear making sure that water cannot reach the ear canal. All of our ear plugs are custom made from a silicone material which floats and can be made in bright colours so they can be spotted easily – ideal for children.

Of course, ear plugs are not exclusively for use on holiday. Children in particular are prone to picking up infections in public swimming pools and if they suffer from ear problems, then swim plugs are a great investment.

If your ears are normally healthy, then you are very unlikely to experience any problems. However, if you are unsure, then why not pop in to one of our branches and we would be delighted to have a chat with you.