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What’s New?

Starkey have unveiled their newest hearing aid, the Livio AI.

Starkey have combined the conventional hearing aid app with an element of health and fitness, which has birthed a new approach to hearing aids, hopefully, one which will reduce the stigma surrounding wearing them.

When asked about the Livio, Starkey President Brandon Sawalich responded with: “Starkey Hearing Technologies is driven by the vision, hear better, live better.” He went on to say “Livio AI is the best sounding hearing aid we’ve ever made. By pairing this innovative technology with integrated sensors and artificial intelligence, we’ve transformed the hearing aid into a revolutionary, multi-use device. Allowing people to track their brain and body health is truly helping people live better lives.”

In fact, the LivioAI was nominated for CES 2019, a renowned invite-only tech and innovation event. The LivioAI was an honouree for CES 2019’s Accessibility category, which promotes products and services with innovative features which improve accessibility for seniors and people living with disability.


The Livio AI is the first hearing aid of its kind in that it features several sensors designed to monitor your body’s health and your brain’s.

Body Tracking measures your overall movement; a combination of steps and activity. A score of 100 points is the maximum which Starkey have confirmed to be possible.

Brain Tracking is slightly more advanced than its Body counterpart, and measures hours of daily use, hours of social engagement and also hours of active listening. A score of 100 points is the maximum which Starkey have confirmed to be possible.

Starkey’s idea is that by combining the body and brain scores, you’ll get a good idea of your overall health, which they call your “Thrive Score”.

The ambitious move comes just after fitness-giant Fitbit was criticised for making goal and targets ‘unreachable’ causing many fitness fanatics to go overboard.

The Thrive App

This come’s with Starkey’s new Thrive App for Smartphones, which naturally allows users to change settings and

programs on the go. As well as benefiting from the Thrive scoring system for body and brain tracking.

Another somewhat revolutionary feature of the Livio AI is its ability to translate language. That’s right, a utopian future might not be far away with several iconic visions of the future coming to reality in the recent years, and the ability to translate language directly through hearing aids is really remarkable.


How Does It Work?

To begin, the LivioAI user will select their language and the language of the person they want to speak with using the Thrive App, afterwards, whenever the LivioAI wearer speaks, it will translate it to text on the app in the other person’s language. Whenever the foreign-speaker speaks, it will translate to text on the app, but also read that text out loud through the hearing aids.

Furthermore, the app comes with a remote adjustment faculty which allows users to actively request adjustments to their hearing aids. Hearing health professionals can then respond to requests and also apply the adjustments remotely!

The hearing aids themselves also come with advanced feedback cancellation in a bid to kill off whistling and buzzing, and also comes with a tinnitus relief faculty for anybody suffering from tinnitus.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, Starkey have invested in a new approach to Hearing Aids and the way we use them. By combining health and fitness aspects with artificial intelligence and conventional amplification, the LivioAI is well and truly a smart hearing aid.


Sound Interesting?

As a private independent audiologist, we have access to the full range of hearing aids from every manufacturer worldwide. If the LivioAI sounds of interest to you, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01223 360 700 to arrange a free trial today!