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One of Many!

After the success of both our sensory awareness radio show with Chris Mann (BBC Radio Cambridgeshire), and our Busy Market Stall in Newmarket, our team at Hearing Healthcare Centre recently set out on our latest venture; to further raise awareness of those living with sensory deprivation! This time, we ‘set up shop’ in the busy Saffron Walden marketplace!

What Was Involved?

Just like in Newmarket, we brought along the arthritis gloves, designed by Inclusive Design at Cambridge University, which simulated what it would be like to have a dexterity related ailment. Whilst the gloves do not simulate the discomfort which accompanies arthritis, it demonstrates how tricky simple tasks can be.

We brought with us our trusty ‘learn to dress’ doll, and confident individuals attempted to undo his buttons, zips, buckles etc. with surprising difficulty!

We also brought along our acuity and contrast reducing glasses, kindly supplied by Cambridge University. These glasses, as the name suggests, inhibit your visual acuity and contrast, leading to a loss of detail and ‘blurred’ vision, which is similar to several optical ailments.

Furthermore, we ran an otoscopy workshop on the day, and many passers-by simply couldn’t resist the temptation to have a look inside their ears! We even had several young children who were fascinated by the tiny camera, as pictured above.

Hearing Healthcare Centre offered a whopping 50% discount on ear wax removal and ear protection, in the form of vouchers, which we gave out on the day!

We’ll be running another community event soon, so for your chance to bag discounted services, make sure you stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook pages!