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Unitron Max - The New Super-Power Hearing Aid

What’s New?

Manufacturers spend a fortune on research and development to bring you the latest innovations, each year, with each release marking a new stage in hearing aid devices.

In late 2016, staff at Hearing Healthcare Centre attended a Unitron launch in London where we first learned about the “world’s smallest RIC” – the Moxi Now.

In early November, we received word from Unitron that they were unveiling another product and senior audiologist Chris accompanied by Luke were invited to the Ice Bar in London to see what Unitron had to showcase.

What was unveiled, was the Unitron Max- their first superpower hearing aid since 2015. The new Unitron Max runs on the Tempus technology platform, a clear difference from their previous superpower which ran on the North platform.

The philosophy behind the all-new Max is patient insights. Unitron believes that users with a severe to profound lost are some of the most experienced users out there, who know how their hearing aids should sound.

The result: Unitron have implemented ‘Super-Power Pre-sets’.

Essentially, there are three pre-sets for Max.


Unitron Max Classic, Conventional and Current Hearing Aids


Classic – “A classic approach to sound processing – for those who prefer things ‘the old way’ with little to no signal processing and no directionality.”

Conventional – “A conventional approach to sound processing – for those who prefer a more traditional approach to amplification, including moderate signal processing and directionality.”

Current – “A current and modern approach to sound processing – for those who prefer the latest technology, including advanced signal processing and directionality.”

The idea behind it is that certain users would prefer the more ‘classic’ sound, whereas they also understand many users will want all of the modern day features like signal processing and directionality.

The Max runs on Tempus, meaning it features Soundcore- Unitron’s sound optimising software which consists of SoundNav, SpeechPro, Sound Conductor SP and Spatial Awareness, which all work together to deliver an intelligent and adaptable hearing aid.

Unitron believes the Tempus software combined with the pre-sets will lead to an easy fitting experience for both the user and audiologist.

The Max is a superpower BTE (behind the ear) hearing aid running on size 13 batteries, though there is also a rechargeable option for the tech-savvy clients of today.

Furthermore, there’s an ultrapower version of the Max for profound losses which runs on a 675 battery, giving substantially more battery life.


We’re looking forward to getting our hands on the new Max, and believe it will offer unique fitting options in the future.

If you’re interesting the Unitron Max, please don’t hesitate to enquire either on our website or by calling us on 01223 360700.