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Our YouTube Channel…

The world of Audiology can, at times, be rather esoteric. Explanations of technology and hearing solutions can be difficult, and given the clinical nature of our industry, clients sometimes need quick help, rather than waiting for an appointment. This is especially true with the more physical side of hearing aids; first-time hearing aid users often need guidance on inserting and removing their hearing aids, as well as changing batteries, cleaning wax guards, and the general maintenance of their aids. For this reason, Hearing Healthcare Centre has its own YouTube channel, which is dedicated to answering any questions that may arise.

What Can You Expect to Find on Our YouTube:


For all the little things such as changing batteries, changing wax guards, cleaning the aid itself and adjusting programs, we have several brief videos which are focused on showing our clients exactly how things are done. Furthermore, we have a section dedicated to pairing your hearing aids to your smartphone; in which we show you how to connect up on Apple iPhones or Android platforms!

Hearing Aid Reviews

Several key factors affect the performance and overall rating a hearing aid has. When seeking advice on the latest hearing aids, there really is nobody better to ask than our experienced audiologists which make up our helpful team. We review hearing aids regularly and frequently compare them to their peers. If that sounds like something you’re interested in click here!

App Demonstrations

One of the flagship features of modern hearing aid technology, is its ability to connect and communicate with your mobile phone. Smartphone connectivity allows for volume changing on the move as well as minor tweaks and allows users to stream music or videos directly to their ears! We also demonstrate certain application related to hearing which isn’t necessarily aimed at controlling your aids, such as the Oticon Tinnitus Sound App!


As the name suggests, our ‘Simulation’ videos are all about simulating real tests and procedures, so that viewers watching at home can get a better idea of what it would be like in a real-life situation. An example of this is our ‘Ear Wax Removal’ simulation video, in which we show an entire Wax Removal appointment from the client’s point of view. We also have a number of videos designed to test your hearing and show you what people with a hearing impairment may miss.

Sound interesting? Click here to be taken straight to our YouTube Channel!