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A Little From Our Audiologists…

You can’t recreate hearing loss simply by plugging your ears. A person with normal hearing can hear quiet, medium and loud sounds that vary from low pitch to high pitch with amazing clarity and definition.

When you have hearing loss, you often lose higher pitched sounds, like the sound of women’s and children’s voices or consonants like T, S and F. Even though you still may be able to hear strong vowel sounds such as A, E and I, speech becomes harder to comprehend.

With this in mind, consider how the festive carols might sound to the hearing impaired.

Below is our Christmas hearing loss simulator.

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Pay close attention to the difference in the sound quality and the different speech sounds that are missing with different hearing losses. The subtitles highlight the missing speech sounds caused by the simulated hearing loss.

On behalf of Hearing Healthcare Centre’s team, we wish you the merriest of Christmases and an exceptionally happy new year!