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Time To Speak Up.

Today marks the start of National Deaf Awareness Week, and at Hearing Healthcare Centre we want to help by giving our followers an insight into deafness and hearing loss.

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Hearing loss and deafness is more prevalent than many of us realise, and unfortunately is something we will all experience to some degree as we get older.


Below are some interesting facts about hearing loss, which we’re sure many of you didn’t know!

  • Approximately 10 million people in the UK have a hearing loss.
  • 90% of all deaf children are born to hearing parents.
  • Age-related damage to the cochlea is the single biggest cause of hearing loss.
  • Hearing loss increases the risk of dementia by up to five times – but there is strong evidence that hearing aids reduce these risks.
  • Approximately 28% of people who are hearing impaired are between 16-60 years of age, and 72% are over 60 years of age.
  • More than 800,000 people in the UK are severely or profoundly deaf.
  • In the next 20 years, it is predicted that the number will rise to 15.6 million people living with hearing loss.
  • On average it takes ten years for people to address their hearing loss.
  • There are approximately 356,000 people with combined visual and hearing impairment in the UK.
  • 96% of people with a hearing loss are aged 40 and over, this is because age-related hearing loss is the single biggest cause of hearing loss.
  • GPs fail to refer 30-45% to NHS audiology services.
  • The majority of people with a hearing loss are hard of hearing.
  • People with acquired deafness are much less likely to use sign. They are part of the hearing culture and their most natural method of communication is spoken language.
  • This has led to one in four (25%) deaf people leaving a job because of a difficult environment.
  • 56% have experienced discrimination in the workplace due to being deaf or hard of hearing.
  • 19% have not told their employer they are deaf or have experienced hearing loss.


If you’d like to know more about how your hearing works, check out our dedicated page!

We’ve also put together a video which is designed to simulate broad levels of hearing loss. The simulation may not be 100% accurate to your specific hearing levels, but you can get a rough understanding as to what people with mild, moderate, severe and profound hearing losses experience.

Check Out The Video Below!


Furthermore, we’ve also created another simulation video, featuring an audible tone that gradually increases in frequency over time. This will give you a good idea as to how far your hearing goes. The frequency rises from a mere 20Hz all the way up to 20,000Hz or 20Khz. The range of your hearing will depend on your age, though environmental factors also play a part. If you can hear all the way till the end, your hearing is in superb!

Give It A Try!


Thank you for taking the time to read through this article, please check out Action on Hearing Loss’s page for all the updates on Deaf Awareness week, as well as several interactive games quizzes!


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