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Coffee Mornings

As part of our goal to raise awareness about hearing health and hearing loss, we’re hosting the first of many coffee mornings! And, everyone is welcome!

When & Where?

10:00 – 12:00, Thursday 5th July 2018, Suite 3, Rookery House, Newmarket CB8 8EQ

What’s Involved?

Senior audiologist and AIHHP founder, Christopher Carr, will be hosting the event to both answer questions and provide information about maintaining good hearing health. Chris has worked in audiology for over 35 years, and is well respected among his peers. A founding member of AIHHP, Chris has been, and continues to be. at the forefront of exemplary audiological care in the industry.

If you think you may have a hearing loss, but are perhaps not yet ready to explore the solution of hearing aids, this is an ideal time to both see the products and equipment first hand, and also gain an insight into the world of audiology.

During our coffee morning we will be showcasing modern technology, fielding questions and giving local residents the opportunity to explore and understand the world of audiology. The morning will consist of several demonstrations and workshops, including;

Look Inside Your Own Ear

With our video otoscope, we can show you the inside of your own ears, check for wax and ensure everything is looking healthy.

Experience Hearing Loss

By using our state-of-the-art hearing loss simulator, we can give a realistic representation of what it sounds like to have a hearing loss.

Ear Wax Removal Demonstration

With a life-size model of the ear, we can show what happens during a wax removal appointment.

Tips & Tricks

We can show you ways to hear better on the phone, improve TV audio, make your hearing aid batteries last longer and much, much more.

Ask An Expert

Chris Carr will be in attendance to impart his knowledge of all things ears and hearing. With experience as an audiologist, and a hearing aid wearer, Chris can give an insightful approach to the working and experiences of modern hearing technology.

The morning has been designed to be enjoyable and informal. Join us for a coffee and biscuit, and have an informal chat with our friendly team. Everyone is welcome. Our coffee mornings have been well received in the past, with many attendees asking questions on behalf of loved ones. We have found that in an informal and open forum, people feel more comfortable asking questions to like-minded people.

If you have questions about your hearing aids, even if they are from elsewhere, our audiologists will be more than happy to help.

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