AIHHP 2017 – Golden Lobes Awards !

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A Night To Remember… Chris, Andy and Dan attended the 2017 AIHHP Golden Lobes awards over the weekend. The exquisite Gala dinner, which included three-course meals fit for kings, was accompanied by live music from an arts performance. Hearing Healthcare Centre’s finest greeted several other audiologists from all around the counter; to discuss industry news… Read more »

Hearing for the deaf at last?

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A new hearing technology deemed ‘revolutionary’ by NHS surgeons is restoring the hearing of deaf patients! Not only is this revolutionary tech pushing the boundaries of medical technology, but also of discreetness; as the new ‘bionic ear’ is completely invisible! This new bionic ear known as the Carina is a take on the conventional hearing… Read more »

Future of Hearing Aid Technology!

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New Research Poses Interesting Question New research from Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science has got people intrigued about the future of hearing aid technology! Current Hearing Aid Tech Current hearing aid technologies use a variety of approaches to improve speech intelligibility in background noise. Some hearing aids try to suppress the level… Read more »

New Products in October!

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So What’s New? Many of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers look set to release new and exciting technology this October. At Hearing Healthcare Centre, we always strive to be at the forefront when it comes to the provision of the most advanced technology on the market. That is why our audiologists have secured invitations… Read more »

Tell Us Where It Hz

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A Main Character With Tinnitus? Baby Driver The new, critically acclaimed, box office title “Baby Driver” features a protagonist who has been dealing with tinnitus from a young age. ‘Baby’ was involved in a car crash at a young age, and exposure to the sudden, very loud noise left him with a life-long ringing in… Read more »

Hearing Aids – Fact vs Fiction

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  What have you heard about hearing aids? Hearing aids have not yet entered the mass market, and as a result, many people carry misconceptions about the life-restoring devices. We’ve put together a short article, highlighting a few of the most common misinterpretations people make. Here is Hearing Healthcare Centre’s Fact vs Fiction!  

The Benefits of Using Swim Plugs

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Swimming is a fun, healthy activity, but how can swimming regularly affect your ears?   What is swimmer’s ear? It doesn’t matter if you’re swimming in a pool, open water or the sea, you will be susceptible to an infection known as otitis externa, which is more commonly known as swimmer’s ear. Swimmer’s ear is caused by… Read more »

HHC Christmas Dinner!

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We Hope You Had a Merry Christmas; We Certainly Did! The highly spirited Hearing Healthcare Centre team gathered at the St. John’s Chop House for a Christmas feast! The evening began with an exchange of ‘Secret Santa’ gifts to start the festivities, and a selection of Jelly-Babies and Liquorice Allsorts decorated the table. The team then… Read more »

A Very Happy Customer

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Dear all, When last I visited, I was asked, most winningly, to provide a report on my visit. Well, I can now hear better and enjoyed seeing a lot of nice people — what more can I say? But I feel that this isn’t what you really wanted, and by chance when on a short… Read more »

The Importance of Cleaning Your Hearing Aids

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Try and get into a daily habit of cleaning your hearing aids – in the same way that cleaning your teeth is an essential part of your daily routine. Never forget the importance of cleaning your hearing aids. Firstly, daily cleaning of hearing aids will help prolong their life by protecting them from damage and… Read more »