Hearing Healthcare Centre Visit The Yelling WI

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The Yelling Women’s Institute Our audiologists, Chris and Daniel, were privileged guests of The Yelling Women’s Institute on Tuesday 16th February. We were invited to share our knowledge and expertise on all things ‘ears’ and ‘hearing’. Chris and Daniel presented an informative and interactive exhibition to inform and demonstrate the importance of good hearing health. The presentation… Read more »

Coffee Morning Fundraiser

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To celebrate our new relationship with Hearing Dogs for the Deaf. and to launch the start of National Tinnitus Awareness Week, Hearing Healthcare Centre are introducing the first of their Hearing Care Extravaganzas! As part of this event, we are hosting a range of hearing related services, special offers, free advice and information. Invited guests… Read more »

Important facts about your hearing aid batteries

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A question we often get asked at Hearing Healthcare Centre is “how long will my batteries last for?” This is a question that isn’t easily answered, because many factors can influence the battery life in each hearing aid. Below are some factors that can affect how long your batteries last. An Individual’s hearing loss; as… Read more »

Financial assistance for hard of hearing workers

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Is your hearing loss affecting your ability to work effectively? If so, you may be eligible for an Access to Work grant. This government-funded scheme provides financial support to those with a disability or health condition including people who are hearing impaired or deaf. The grant is designed to pay for practical support to enable… Read more »

Hearing Loss induced by Noise

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Although the vast majority of hearing loss is down to old age, a significant number of younger people experience hearing problems as a result of damage to their ears. This can be caused by a number of factors but the most common is repeated exposure to loud noise which ultimately damages the sensitive hair cells… Read more »

AIHHP Expo 2016!

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This week, Hearing Healthcare Centre attended The Marriott hotel, in Heathrow for our annual AIHHP Expo, our highly acclaimed Golden Lobes awards ceremony and our AGM. As co-founders of AIHHP (the Association of Independent Hearing Healthcare Professionals), we were very pleased to see such a huge turnout. Audiologist from all over England, Ireland and Scotland attended, and were entertained… Read more »

The Link Between Hearing Loss and Dementia

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The Link Between Hearing Loss and Dementia   Dementia is an umbrella term for a number of related conditions, including vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. According to research, around 1 in every 20 people over the age of 65 suffers from dementia and the symptoms might range across various types of losses, including hearing loss…. Read more »