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Bernafon’s Exciting, Smart Aid

For several years, our clients have been enjoying the benefits of smartphone-compatible hearing aids. Until recently, these smartphone-compatible hearing aids have only been available in Behind-The-Ear (BTE) and Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) form factors.

For our clients that prefer the more discrete and comfortable feel of a custom, In-The-Ear (ITE) product, smartphone functions have been frustratingly out of reach; until now!

Bernafon have launched their first smartphone-compatible, custom hearing aid, the Zerena Custom. Expanding on the current and successful Zerena family, the latest custom product brings In-The-Ear hearing devices firmly into the 21st century.

The Zerena Custom devices can connect to any Bluetooth enabled smartphone, enabling the hearing aids to be configured and adjusted by the hearing aid user. Switch programs and change volume all with a simple click, or swipe from your mobile phone.

What’s more, if you’re an iPhone user, you can stream media, including music, movies, audio-books, satellite navigation directions, and most importantly, phone calls, directly to your hearing aids.

Many of our clients can attest to the benefits of smartphone connection, and now custom users can experience it too.

Custom hearing aids have always benefited from being discrete and comfortable (especially for spectacle wearers). Traditionally, though, these devices have suffered from poorer speech-in-noise scores when compared to their equivalent BTE products. They have also provided a reduced sensation of 3D sound and natural ‘sound awareness’. Impressively, the new Zerena Custom is integrated with the same technology as the BTE, meaning there is no sacrifice on quality when choosing the ITE option.

More information is due to be released in November 2018.

Bernafon are committed to providing exemplary hearing aids and service, with special attention given to us an independent provider.

It is this commitment that has enabled us to offer our clients an exclusive offer with any new Bernafon Custom products.

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